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Business Law

Get Legal Counsel from Experienced Business Lawyers in Greater Vancouver

Ownership of a company can be financially rewarding and allow for certain tax benefits. It can also be very liberating since you can maintain as much control over business operations and decisions as you wish. But the benefits of ownership also come with exposure to certain risks if you fail to comply with various legal requirements related to corporate filings, dealings with employees and/or business partners, and other legal necessities.

The business lawyers at Bronson Jones Gray & Company LLP can help you to realize the upsides of ownership and minimize the associated risks. We provide legal services in Vancouver and surrounding areas.

Bronson Jones Gray & Company LLP business law services include:

Corporate Services

Registered and Records Office services
Preparing and maintaining corporate filings

Business Guidance

Advice regarding ownership structure
Advice regarding corporate organization and governance
Protection from liability
Preparing/reviewing partnership agreements
Preparing/reviewing shareholder agreements
Preparing/reviewing employment contracts
Policy reviews
Workplace evaluations

Business Litigation

Business disputes
Contract disputes
Partnership or joint venture disputes
Liability of directors & officers
Shareholder disputes
Shareholder remedies
Commercial disputes

If you own your own business or are considering ownership, contact the business lawyers at Bronson Jones Gray & Company LLP (toll-free 1-855-852-5100) to see how we can help.

Workplace Disputes Are Common

From wrongful dismissals to labour arbitrations and human rights complaints, we can help you with everything.

Employment Contract

Need an experienced lawyer to draft an employment contract?

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