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Property Division

    Property Division Lawyers in Greater Vancouver

When a marriage falls apart, the property must be divided. The division of family assets is often very contentious, with each party seeking to secure his or her individual financial priorities. You can find a property division lawyer in Vancouver and the surrounding areas to offer you legal support and counsel if you are in a property division dispute.

The manner in which property is to be divided can be set out in a prenuptial agreement that is drawn up prior to a wedding. If the couple does not have a predetermined course of action to set out how the assets are to be divided, then assets and debts are generally divided equally.

If you are stuck in a property division dispute, the lawyers at Bronson Jones Gray & Company LLP can assess your situation and provide the legal support you need. For consultation, contact us (toll-free) at 1-855-852-5100.

Agreements Can Help

A marriage agreement can help to identify areas of potential dispute and provide clarity about how those disputes will be resolved.

Family Lawyers

A good family lawyer can draft a good agreement that will help you settle issues later.

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