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Contract Disputes

    Contract Disputes in Greater Vancouver

Contract disputes arise more often than you think. Everything from purchasing a home or other property to buying a business will almost certainly involve a written contract, and disputes are likely to eventually arise. Bronson Jones Gray & Company LLP offers expert legal advice on contract disputes in Greater Vancouver. Our team of contract litigation lawyers represents clients involved in these contract disputes and can help to resolve them efficiently.

In a business case, a contract provides a framework that the business partners generally adhere to. Disputes here are not uncommon. There is also a range of other agreements that could lead to contract disputes, including partnership and licensing agreements. If you need reliable, professional advice to resolve a contract dispute, contact Bronson Jones Gray & Company LLP at 1-855-852-5100 (toll-free 24 hours) for a consultation.

Constructive Solutions

We can protect you from the disability insurer, who may be motivated to reduce or even deny your disability claim.

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