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Wrongful Dismissal

Experienced Wrongful Dismissal Lawyers in Greater Vancouver

If you suspect that you have been wrongfully dismissed, the employment lawyers at Bronson Jones Gray & Company LLP can help to ensure that you receive what you are owed. We will listen to your situation, explain the options that may be available to you, and discuss the pros and cons. If you are an employer, we can advise you on how to terminate an employee lawfully to prevent legal exposure.

If you are being terminated without proper notice or compensation, then you likely have a valid claim against your employer for wrongful dismissal in Vancouver. Although the law in British Columbia gives the employer the liberty to terminate employees for any non-discriminatory reason, the employer must provide proper compensation throughout the term of a specified notice period. The amount of notice owed to a departing employee will depend on various factors such as the length of service, age, and market conditions. Reasonable notice is not required if the employee is being dismissed for cause.

For more information about wrongful dismissal, call us (toll-free) at 1-855-852-5100.

Resolving Commercial Disputes

Whether it's a fallout with your partner or you are struggling with corporate governance disputes, our lawyers can help.

Talking About Law

Right knowledge of your legal rights and responsibilities can help you in difficult times.

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