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Product Liability Claims

     Product Liability Cases in Greater Vancouver

Bronson Jones Gray & Company LLP, located in Greater Vancouver, takes product liability cases very seriously.  Despite the government’s stringent safety nets, there are many unsafe and dangerous products in the market.  If you or your loved one has been injured due to the use or consumption of a deficient product, you can file a product liability claim with our lawyers.

Examples of situations in which you may have a product liability claim include:

Defective products
Failure to warn
Negligent design
Negligent manufacture

If you are looking for a reputable legal team to represent you, contact us at 1-855-852-5100 (toll-free 24 hours) for a free initial consultation.

Dog Bite Claims

 If you are injured by a dog, our lawyers can explain your legal options.

Business Lawyers

Our lawyers are experienced to help you with any kind of business dispute.

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