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Estate Litigation

      Hire Lawyers for Estate Litigation in Greater Vancouver

Disputes often arise over the terms of a deceased’s Will.  The most common disputes occur when a spouse or child is left out of the Will, or when a child received a smaller share of the estate than other siblings.  Other common disputes include disagreements over what assets form part of the estate and whether the Will-maker was unduly influenced, thus bringing into question whether the terms of the Will reflect his or her true intentions.

The experienced estate litigation lawyers at Bronson Jones Gray & Company LLP can help you to challenge or defend the validity of any Will.  We offer legal services throughout Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, and into Merritt and Nicola Valley.

Call us (toll-free 1-855-852-5100) or google to see how we can help.

Dealing with a Will Variation Claim?

If you believe you haven’t received a just and equitable share of an estate, file a claim.

Bronson Jones Gray & Company LLP makes your life easy by providing you with experienced lawyers.

Finding a Lawyer?

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