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Separation Agreements

    Separation Agreement Lawyers in Greater Vancouver

When a relationship breaks down, the parties will usually live separate and apart for at least a year before getting divorced. Some choose to legally separate without ever getting officially divorced. A separation agreement can be drafted to set out each spouse's respective rights and responsibilities concerning property, debt, alimony, child support, and custody during the period of separation. A legal separation agreement can help you to make better-informed decisions for your future.

To find a separation agreement lawyer in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, contact Bronson Jones Gray & Company LLP. We can help you through this difficult process and protect your financial and other interests. Contact our family lawyers for a consultation at 1-855-852-5100 (toll-free 24 hours).

A New Start

For some people, an annulment can be a new start for a better life in the future.

When in Need

Turn to us if you need any legal help regarding family disputes, business disputes or employment disputes.

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