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Cohabitation Agreements

    Cohabitation Agreement Lawyer in Greater Vancouver

A cohabitation agreement is a contract between couples who live together but are not married, that is designed to protect the financial and other individual interests of each party, similar to a prenuptial agreement for those who intend to get married. If you require a cohabitation agreement lawyer in Vancouver, contact Bronson Jones Gray & Company LLP for a consultation.

Cohabitation agreements include the following details related to the finances and assets of the unmarried couple:

Money and property in possession of the couple before cohabitation
Money and property earned or bought during the relationship
Inheritance or gifts received during the relationship
The manner in which the expenses will be paid
Defining asset and money handling in case the couple separates
The methods to solve any dispute that may arise

If you wish for a cohabitation agreement to be drafted, we can help.


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A separation agreement can help in setting out each spouse's respective rights and responsibilities during the period of separation.

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