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Disputes Related to Probate

     Hire Lawyers in Greater Vancouver for Disputes Related to Probate

Once a Will is deemed valid, many types of disputes can still arise regarding whether the Court should issue a grant of probate to the executor or other person applying to assume these duties.

Examples include:

Whether deficiencies in the Will can be rectified;
Whether the person seeking the grant is the proper person to seek same;
Whether a named executor should be removed; and
Interpretation issues with respect to the deceased’s stated intentions

The Wills & Estates lawyers at Bronson Jones Gray & Company LLP are happy to assist with any of these probate-related disputes. Call us (1-604-852-5100) or google to see how we can help.

Unequal Distribution of Assets

Judges can alter the terms of a Will if adequate provision is not made to a spouse or a child.

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