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Importance of Working with an Experienced Vancouver ICBC Lawyer

Being injured in a motor vehicle accident in British Columbia is very stressful. The accident itself and the personal injury you suffer as a result are traumatic. The situation can be made worse by not having an experienced Vancouver ICBC lawyer to guide you through the complex claims process in the aftermath of the motor vehicle accident.

In British Columbia, motor vehicle accident claims present unique challenges, as there is only one primary auto insurer: ICBC. If you do not hire an experienced Vancouver ICBC lawyer to act on your behalf, you will have to discuss your claim directly with ICBC’s insurance adjusters and lawyers. ICBC insurance adjusters will negotiate against you and try to minimize your settlement, as will the lawyers hired by ICBC to defend against your claim. The ICBC claims process and personal injury law in British Columbia are very complicated and can overwhelm you. You want to ensure that you get the maximum cash settlement for your ICBC claim, but your energy is focused on recovering from the motor vehicle accident injuries so you can get back to your normal lifestyle. You need an experienced ICBC lawyer in Vancouver who will protect your interests, who knows the ICBC claims process, and who is very familiar with personal injury law in British Columbia. The ICBC lawyers at Bronson Jones & Company LLP have the experience and knowledge to help you with your claim. Here is how the Vancouver ICBC lawyers at Bronson Jones & Company LLP will use their experience to benefit you when you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident:

  • 100% of our work is representing injured victims. Our Vancouver ICBC lawyers represent only personal injury plaintiffs, so we understand the claim process from an injured person’s perspective. We know what you face in the short and long term and we know how to help you cope with the challenges. Other firms act for both plaintiffs and defendants, or they may not deal with ICBC very often. Lack of knowledge can be dangerous: ICBC adjusters may not offer money you are entitled to, unless you or your lawyer knows what to ask for. We know how to get maximum compensation for plaintiffs.

  • We speak ICBC’s language. Part 7 claims. Independent medical examinations. Policy limits. ICBC claims come with their own lingo and it is understandable for a person injured in a motor vehicle accident to feel overwhelmed when dealing with ICBC. Our Vancouver ICBC lawyers speak the language and know the ins and outs of the ICBC claim process. Our ICBC lawyers are also highly trained in the law that applies to British Columbia motor vehicle accident claims and know how to protect your rights and interests against ICBC and before the courts. When you know your claim is in the hands of an experienced ICBC lawyer, you can focus your energy on recovering from the motor vehicle accident.

  • We are driven by results. Our Vancouver ICBC lawyers are passionate about achieving the best results for you and maximizing your payout. Bronson Jones & Company LLP lawyers will deal with ICBC on your behalf and strive to secure the best possible outcome for your claim. We are skilled at negotiating settlement directly with ICBC adjusters and lawyers. We also have the expertise to take your claim to trial when it is necessary to achieve the optimum outcome for you.

Our Vancouver ICBC lawyers deal with claims on a contingency basis. That means you will get the benefit of our experience and knowledge without paying anything up front, and if you don’t receive compensation from ICBC, we do not receive a fee. Contact our Vancouver ICBC lawyers today for a free initial consultation to discuss your claim.

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