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Is FOMO Causing Auto Accidents? Personal Injury Lawyers Discuss Millennial Drivers

The results of a recent survey of Canadian drivers came to the attention of the auto accident lawyers at Bronson Jones & Company LLP. The survey results indicate that Millennials – those under 34 years of age – readily admit to distracted driving, but at the same time lack awareness of what qualifies as distracted driving. Millennials overwhelmingly equate distracted driving with smartphone use and personal grooming, but are less cognizant of the fact that other behaviors (e.g., eating, drinking, adjusting the sound system, looking at roadside distractions) are just as risky – they can also cause a driver to lose focus, which may cause an auto accident. Personal injury lawyers summarize results of driver survey According to the survey, 80 percent of Canadians believe that drivers under the age of 34 are the most distracted. Interestingly, 69 percent of Canadians under the age of 34 agreed with that assessment, admitting that their age group is the most likely to be distracted while behind the wheel. In addition, the survey indicated that the following behaviours were less likely to be perceived by Millennials as distracting compared to the national average: • 68 percent of those under 34 said that eating while driving can divert their attention, in contrast to 76 percent of all Canadians surveyed; • Drinking a beverage was rated as distracting by 58 percent of Millennials, versus 68 percent of all Canadians surveyed; • Playing with the sound system came in at 59 percent for those under 34, compared to 68 percent of the Canadian average; and • Looking at distractions at the roadside was considered to be distracting by 67 percent of Millennials versus 77 percent overall. What this means is that while many younger Canadians agree that people in their age group are most likely to be distracted at the wheel, they are also less likely to believe their behaviours can cause them to lose focus while driving. What about the dangers of using a mobile device while driving? Interestingly, the survey found that two behaviours were seen as almost universally problematic, regardless of the age group surveyed: personal grooming (93%) and using a mobile device (94%). The survey respondents were not wrong in that regard. The personal injury lawyers at Bronson Jones & Company LLP have frequently discussed the relationship between cell phone used and auto accidents and the serious consequences of distracted driving. Is FOMO causing auto accidents? Use of a mobile device while driving is extremely risky and drivers know that it is risky, yet it continues to be a highly prevalent behaviour – all despite toughened laws prohibiting use of a handheld device while driving in BC, increased penalties, and RCMP campaigns to crack down on offenders. So, yes, FOMO (“fear of missing out”) is causing auto accidents, because drivers are finding it difficult to resist the lure of email or text notifications when behind the wheel. Combine FOMO with the increasingly busy schedules of all Canadians, and it is unsurprising that many drivers are unable to avoid the temptation of using their smartphone while driving. FOMO and smartphones are not the only problems The take-home point from the survey is that a greater awareness is needed with respect to what qualifies as distracted driving. Millennials appear to be discounting the risk presented by forms of distracted driving other than personal grooming and smartphone use. If you would like to know more about what qualifies as distracted driving and how it causes accidents, have a look at this article prepared by the auto accident lawyers at our plaintiff-only personal injury firm. Distracted driving causes auto accidents, personal injury Lawyers who specialize in insurance and personal injury claims know there is a clear correlation between distracted driving in all of its forms and accident rates. Any time a driver gets behind the wheel, he or she is taking on the responsibility to be a safe driver, and must focus on driving. If you have been injured in an auto accident caused by a distracted driver, call Bronson Jones & Company LLP at 1-855-852-5100 for a free initial consultation with one of our experienced personal injury lawyers. Legal Guidance & More, from Injury to Recovery Bronson Jones & Company LLP exclusively represents victims of motor vehicle accidents, and that’s all we do! Unlike other law firms which deal with everything from dog bites to divorce, Bronson Jones has built more than 30 years of trial experience and in negotiating fair settlements for clients injured in motor vehicle accidents. We’ve also developed an extensive network of medical and occupational specialists, therapists, rehabilitation specialists, and others to help you recover and deal with the impact of your injury on your physical health, family life, finances and future. Additionally, such reports may be essential in the development of your case. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, call any of the 13 Bronson Jones locations in the Lower Mainland for our expertise and advice. All of our cases are handled on a contingency (percentage) basis and you don’t pay until we collect.

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